Studio Location:

928 McDonald Street
Wausau, Wisconsin 54403




Indoor adventure Guidelines

  1. Please be on time.  We ask that you arrive 15 minutes prior to the beginning of class to check in, get settled and ready to play!  The studio door locks before every class.
  2. Shoes should be removed when entering the studio.  For your convienence, the coat room is directly to the right when entering the studio.  Shoes are not allowed on the studio floor.  No one likes their bare feet full of gunk!
  3. Leave electronics in the coat room and please turn ringers off.  We like to offer a screen-free ,  ring free environment!
  4. You probably have a an awesome mat that you really like to use, but in case you should forget that awesome mat, we have some pretty amazing Jade mats that you can rent for $2 and they are deep purple!  We also have blocks, straps, and bolsters to enhance your ability to create space and ease while on your mat.
  5. Leaving class early…not a good idea.  Stay for the entire class.  Some of our classes are 75 minutes long for a reason…they are awesome, and we don’t want you to miss out!
  6. Anyone that is under 18 years of age must have their parent with them to sign the waiver for the initial visit, or unfortunately, they won’t be able to play that day!
  7. Need a place to change into your fun yoga wear?  We have a changing room the brightest color pink, so you are sure not to miss it!  Bathrooms are located on the first floor at the bottom of the stairs.
  8. A bubbler, yes, I said bubbler, is just before you enter our studio at the top of the stairs, so you always have the ability to fill up that water bottle before your practice. 
  9. Please, Please, Please try to keep valuables at home, or double check items before you leave the changing room, coat room, or studio in general.  Fearless Yoga LLC is not responsible for lost or stolen items…bummer, but it happens.
  10. We have an Essential Oil Bar located directly above the block and strap organizer!  Feel free to smell or put on any oils that are appealing to you before or after your practice!