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Jaws - Deep Intense Stretch75 min.

Go into the deep areas of your body where you find resistance, tightness, and aches. Using long, deep breaths and holding asanas (poses) for 3-5 minutes, you will keep your head above water by opening up more space in your body and in your mind! You'll feel the difference in your body after just one class. Some have been known to say, "We're going to need a bigger boat".  Classes are 1 hour and 15 minutes traditionally with a longer savasana.


The Breakfast Club - All Levels Flow 60 min.

Whether your a nerd, jock, princess, or thief...this class is for you! Together, as a community, we break through barriers of "popular yoga", or what we think "yoga should look like" and make it accessible to everyone...even if you can't build a working lamp. Anyone can move, flow, and breathe in this class, but there is a required uniform...no, not tights...comfy clothes!


What About Bob - Advanced Power Flow 60 min.

Conquer your fears, push to your edge, explore possibilities in a baby-stepping fashion...a little at a time! We want you to feel good. We want you to feel great. We want you to feel wonderful! See what can happen in your body and mind as you playfully expand your horizons one asana at a time! You just might find yourself saying in Warrior III, "I'm flying, I'm flying"! Just let your mat do all the work.


 When Harry Met Sally - Yin/Yang 75 min.

In "When Harry Met Sally", we begin with Sally's side of the story, the Yin practice.  Yin, otherwise known as female energy, is a long hold of each asana.  The body builds warmth through the longer holds to prepare for the second part of the class...Harry's side of the story.  This portion, the Yang practice, known as masculine energy, is a fast paced power vinyasa flow.  The class then comes back to Sally with the last 10 minutes in Yin.  One hour does not do this class justice, so it is 75 minutes long.  When Harry and Sally first met, the connection may not have been strong, but through time, they merged into a friendship and eventual marriage that was everlasting.  The same is true of the experience in this class.  You'll wonder how you ever lived without it!


While You Were Sleeping - Yoga Nidra 60 min.

To live fearlessly, one must attain more awareness of their true purpose.  Guided meditation is a tool that can help you tune out all the chatter and be more present with yourself for more awareness, presence, and peace. This 30 minute class will connect you on a deeper level with your body, mind, and spirit.  It can help to reduce stress and anxiety, while bringing more joy and inner peace.  It offers the possibility to get in touch with your desires and love yourself more! Our studio may be close to the train tracks, but we promise that you will not be at risk of any comas!


Never Been Kissed - Beginners 60 min.

New to Power Yoga? Never been kissed by all the benefits of Power Yoga...strength, flexibility, endurance, mindfulness, and breath? Or, just want to refresh what you already know to bring you back to why you started your yoga practice to begin with? This one's for you! No worries about feeling awkward, uncomfortable, or not fitting in. We work together from the same place with the same goal, learning how to create space in our bodies and minds! Even Josie would love this class!


Purple Rain - Amazing Express Flow  45 min.

Just like the life and creations of Prince, this class will be amazing, but cut short.  We will cover everything we need to in this 45 minute class: strength, balance, endurance, flexibility, and fun.  Together, we will create the ultimate flow experience that is truly authentic...just like the legend himself. 


Eat Pray Love - Slow No Flow • 60 min.

Eat, Pray, Love" is an all levels class for those who want to gently move in their bodies.  It is slower paced, without long holds.  A great way to find where you are at in your body and mind without intensity.  It will feel like you've traveled to Italy, India, and Bali without leaving your mat!